Why Fly with Suncoast

1 We aren’t a big “pilot farm” full of people dreaming about flying a passenger jet… We are former airline pilots who help pilots like you achieve your objectives.

2 Our planes are beautiful and clean.

3 It’s just you and the plane for the allotted time period.

4 You will never wonder if the plane you are Walking Around is airworthy.

5 You wont be sitting in someone elses sweaty seat.

100 hour time slots are scheduled from The 1st to the 21st or the 7th thru the 30 of each month..call to reserve your seat for October 2015. 50 Hour Time building slots are available from the 1st of the month to the 14th and the 15th thru the end of the month. Give us a call to reserve you time slot. Housing is available for 250/week single occupancy and $125/week Double occupancy


Q : Does Suncoast have full coverage insurance on its planes?


Q : How long is the check out?

A : Usually we fly with you for about 1.5-2 hours.

Q : How is the maintenance on the planes?

A : Suncoast’s planes are maintained to the highest standards, with strict 50 hours and 100 hour inspections.

Q : How are the prices so low?

A : We operate the most efficient planes ever built for this purpose.

Q : Where are the planes based?

A : PCM Plant City Municipal Airport in one of the nicest parts of Florida.

Got More Question? Call or email us today. 863-589-7616