Go Faster! Go farther! Go safer!

12 hour multi engine course

Equivalent to our competitor’s 10 hours course but a little less rushed. Ground training, flight training and use of the plane for the check ride.

15 hour course

Multi engine training the way it should be done, UNRUSHED, with more real flight scenarios and intensive systems training.

25 hour executive experience executive course

You just got your pilots license? Earn your multi-engine rating while getting real life experience. Fly cross country…. Around real weather…..into big busy airports……over water to islands. Learn the way you should while logging lots of multi-engine time. You will get about 12hour SIC and 13 hour PIC…. Great for insurance if you want to buy your own multi engine airplane.

40 hour instrument rating course

Going to the airlines or just want to get the instrument rating.Build experience and multi engine time while earning your instrument rating.

Starting From Scratch?

Most people start learning to fly in a single engine airplane. Obviously it saves money. Some people do not want to fly single engine airplanes for safety reasons or they have specific plans to own a twin engine, faster, airplane. In those cases there would be an advantage to learning from scratch, in the twin. Let’s say you spend $6,500 on your private pilot’s license then $4,999 getting your multi engine add-on. You will walk away from your check ride with 40-50 hours single engine time and 10 hours of multi engine time. The insurance company is going to make you get a least another 25 hours in a twin before you can get insurance on your own plane, which will cost at least another $5,000 so now you have spent $16,500. It would be advantageous to have more experience in the multi engine airplane and you would have saved quite a bit.

What’s the point of having a pilot’s license if the only place you can fly is in circles above you home airport. You dreamed of taking your family on trips but your wife is afraid to fly in a single engine airplane. If you are going to flying multi engine aircraft exclusively or primarily, why not learn in a multi engine environment.

Don’t get your multi engine rating from one of the pilot farms. You will be learning from a pilot who just got his license and his objective is to build time so he can go fly the big jets some of them are great teachers but most are not. We love to teach. We are professional teachers.